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National Registration Group is one of the leading consulting and document preparation firms, with a proven track record of getting companies setup on all levels of government contracting,

Our mission is to increase business opportunities for business owners by providing them with comprehensive, professional government and private marketing services that allows them to focus on their business while we focus on their submissions.

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Why Get A GSA Schedule?

GSA's Federal Supply Schedule contract vehicle opens doors in the government marketplace that cannot be found through the traditional competitive bid markets. Vendors see the benefits of being on schedule instantly, including:

Streamlined Purchasing

by the government. Move from the RFP process, into an RFQ-based environment. Quote opportunities in minutes, instead of days!

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exclusive purcahsing. Being on a contract vehicle allows government agencies to reach directly out to you for non-competitive task order quotes on their purchase orders.

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Market Exposure

GSA schedule holders are recognized as some of the most trusted vendors to the government. Being listed as a contract holder gives you the most market exposure you can get in the government marketplace

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to opportunities not posted to the public. Through GSA eBuy, and GSA Advantage, you have access to opportunities that are never posted to public bid, and usually never make it there!

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a direct sales catalog on GSA Advantage for your product offerings. Government agencies can purchase your products directly off of GSA Advantage without ever even talking to you!

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Is A GSA Schedule Right For You?

General Requirements For Contract Eligibility

GSA does implement minimum requirements to apply for an FSS contract. Ensure your business meets these qualifications before pursuing this contract vehicle:

  • Having a good standing business and EIN for at least two(2) years (three years for security guard firms)
  • Demonstrated past performance (at least $25,000 in sales for each of the previous two years). Keep in mind GSA requires you to do $25,000.00 each year once on schedule. K & R recommends having at least $100,000.00 in annual sales revenue.
  • The leadership team of the company (owners & officers) must not have any corporate-related felonies, or bankruptcies filed in the previous three years.

TAA Compliance - For Product-Based Companies

When offering products under the GSA contract vehicle, these end products must be (at least 51%) sourced, manufactured, or assembled in a TAA-compliant country. The Trade Agreements Act (of 1979) refers to sourcing products from countries that a part of either the WTO, Caribbean Basin Countries, Least Developed Countries, and Free Trade Agreement Countries. There are a handful of countries that are not compliant, the most popular being China. Contact K & R today to review your product offering for a better idea if a GSA Schedule is right for you.

Are Your Services in Demand?

There are many ways to get yourself an industry report for the government market. This can be done by looking into other contract vehicle holders, and government award history data. K & R can give you a quick consultation on your industry, and ensure that getting on GSA is a beneficial move for you.

Commercial Experience

When demonstrating past performance to the government, you do not have to submit to them previous government contract history, though that always looks great. The general requirement is that you can demonstrate your ability to perform on contracts in the commercial sector. This let's the government know you have worked on a professional level, and were able to successfully handle clients that may be larger than a residential job.

How hard is it to get a GSA contract?

The GSA application paperwork is comparable to your trying to do your own tax returns. It requires knowledge of the government rules, regulations, and requirements. That's just to understand the initial documents outlining what's to come. The preparation of a GSA application takes a few-hundred man hours of time and must be done the exact way GSA expects it to be done or else you run the risk of being rejected.

Or.. let us help!

We've seen it all, and we've done it all. Our streamlined approach to the GSA application has been developed to require as little time on your end, while being completed quicly and efficiently at the same time.

The government spends over $1 billion each day. What is it costing you to put this off "until tomorrow"?